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David Ghan
United States
Current Residence: Anchorage, Alaska
Favourite genre of music: Hardcore punk.indie rock.
Favourite photographer: brian huey, or
MP3 player of choice: anything that plays mp3s
hello.   i do not share my poetry anymore.  maybe the occasional crappy one  for fun  but thats all.   new years was the best ive ever had.  

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i hate how ive become vulgar well no more!

id rather eat soap than smoke any dope.

dang it i shoulda said that... my wit always comes a month too late. did i spell wit right?
darn straight

perhaps should've offered him lip service from your pet fish though.
little less crass to kiss your bass

weed is for gardens
grass goes in fields
smoke the stuff up
and your brain cells will yield
i pass on grass. so kiss my ass.

i said that at the 36cf show to a little 12yrold offering me weed. i rule.
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David Ghan
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what now... 4k... 4 grand... 4 thousand... a load o' hits

yeah, it takes poetry such as yours to get that - in 17 days less than i've been on here

hmm... time for a hardcore song, somewhat parodying whatever that one song is whose title i don't know. maybe i'll write one along those lines about track... the last 50 meters of a 400 or something.

(chunky guitar riff here) "kick, kick, zoom.....*

that song's stuck in my head since we listened to it on the way down today... bleh, snow was ugliest i've ever seen it there. that is, where there wasn't ice. but ah well, at least i got some up my shirt again:D
oh where, oh where have my comments gone... oh where, oh where can they beeeeee

devart's probably just being brghdlfankish or something... or else i'm getting delusional. the latter is probably more likely, since i'm in a state of incredible sleep deprivation. as usual.

i'm gonna have visions of sugar-plum dependent clauses dancing in my head tonight.
w0rd up!
how's the david?
you're not showing up on my deviantwatch. hm.
and i was gonna tell you some famous guy's name is david ghan. but i forgot who.


weheheeh =D (Big Grin) thnx for the comment...
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